Succeed Within Your Life Purpose

Do you feel unexcited by what you are doing now? Like you know you can achieve more, have more success, more fun, make a bigger difference in the world? Do you wonder who you really are, what your purpose is in the world?

I’ve been there and can help you find the answers right inside you within my upcoming programme, where I will give you tools and knowledge for deep self-discovery and self-mastery that will serve you for your whole life. The programme is based on Jungian spiritual psychology, which is very much influenced by eastern philosophy.

Within the programme you will activate an infinitely wise and all-knowing ally within you that is just waiting to be activated, waiting to guide you to an infinitely fulfilling and successful life.

Date: 25th June – 25th September 2017


In this group programme, participants will have access to

  1. Six 45-minute to 1-hour pre-recorded MP3 lectures as basis for each module (one lecture every two weeks).
  2. One-on-one 1-hour coaching sessions every two weeks.
  3. A private, closed FaceBook group where participants can interact and learn from each other and the coach.
  4. One 2-hour face-to-face session – recommended but not mandatory
  5. Unlimited e-mail access
  6. Pre-recorded music to facilitate mindset change

One-on-one sessions can be on phone, skype, face-to-face or other medium agreed to with the coach. Local (Uganda) calls will be at the coach’s expense, international calls will be on Skype. Transport and accommodation costs that arise for face-to-face meetings (in Kampala and Kitgum) will be borne by the participant.


Everything is mind.

You will be introduced to how the mind works and how your perception influences all your choices and therefore your results in the world. You will explore some recent personal results and begin to discover what they reveal about your barriers to success.

“Unless you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Gustav Jung.

Our difficult emotions and our desires have much to show us that will lift us into our true powerful Self, if only we took the time to understand what they are trying to show us. In this module you will understand where your difficult emotions and desires come from and you will be given tools that you can use for the rest of your life to understand what is behind your emotions and desires and how you can use this knowledge for growth.

You are what your deepest desire is…

This module will help you interrogate the conscious and unconscious desires that are driving your life, your beliefs about who you are and your relationship with universal order. You will be enabled to begin to clarify and harmonise conscious and unconscious desires and personal and universal beliefs in order to create the life that you desire.

‘’Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” Joseph Campbell

There is an inner half that will lead us to completeness; that is part of our completeness; that can be our inspiration, guide and action in the world if we let it. This module will take you beyond the You that was shaped by the life that you have lived to get acquainted with the unconscious you that is your potential ally in life. You will bring this part of you to consciousness and begin to shape it to create the life that you desire to live.

Who dreams awakes… Carl Gustav Jung

There is that within us who sees us differently from the way we see ourselves and who believes in our inherent greatness. This module will introduce you to how to establish a 2-way communication with the unconscious mind, including how to understand what your dreams are telling you about the state of your mind.

This module brings together the previous modules. You will be enabled to bring together your personal and universal narrative and to begin to act in the world to create a meaningful and successful life for yourself.


  • 3 monthly payments of US$ 497 = Total 1,491
  • One lumpsum of US$ 1,377