This is for you if you struggle with achieving what you want in your life. If you keep wondering if life is passing you by, if you would like to make a difference in the world, have a more meaningful life.


If a desire exists within you, the means to achieve that desire exists within you as well. But you have to make an effort to remove the barriers that are blocking you from living the meaningful life you desire.


Beginning April 25th – July 25th 2017.


Limited to 8 participants.


3-months of intensive coaching based on Jungian psychology, tailored to free your mind from the limitations that you have learned through a lifetime and to enable to tap into divine excellence to develop and express your own unique brand of leadership.


  1. 6 modules on:
    1. Persona – What parts of you does the world know? Why does it matter?
    2. Shadow – Which parts of you are you unaware of? How to find the gift in the shadow.
    3. Anima(us) – Go beyond the shadow to establish a relationship with your inner guide to the unconscious
    4. Communicating with the Unconscious – Establish a 2-way communication between the conscious and unconscious in order to tap into the unlimited mind
    5. Effective Action – the finer details of how to increase the effectiveness of your actions
    6. Maintaining a Creative Life – Combining your beliefs, imagination and actions to create endlessly.
  2. 6 one-on-one coaching sessions, up to 1 hour each (virtual)
  3. One face-to-face session up to 2 hours (optional)
  4. Dream interpretation as needed.
  5. 10-weeks (2.5 months) private closed facebook group to share with other participants
  6. Unlimited e-mail access
  7. Inspirational music
  8. Recommended literature



  • 3 monthly payments of US$ 497 = Total 1,491
  • One lumpsum of US$ 1,377