I’m a writer, poet and inspirational speaker as well as a certified Creative Mindset Coach, trained by the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology in California, USA;

A large part of my working life was in the environment and natural resources sector, a logical consequence of my training as a natural scientist.

To many of my friends I had an enviable life although, as early as my thirties, I had already begun to question whether my work was making a difference in anybody’s life and I sometimes toyed with the idea of a career change. Also, although I wanted to get married and was considered quite a catch, I remained single because something always went wrong whenever I thought I’d found ‘the one’. In my teens I once read a book about a beautiful girl, Ihuoma, who was wife to a spirit god that constantly sabotaged her earthly life and inside I felt like I was a tragic Ihuoma. Many people in my life inadvertently re-enforced my unspoken myth: a friendly colleague believed that I had a malevolent force working against my relationships and offered to take me for deliverance prayers. A relative, consulted a native doctor on my behalf, and a man who was developing a romantic interest in me told me he was advised that I was kisirani – getting involved with me brought misfortune!

Consciously I shrugged all this off and strove on until I was literally ill from my inner unrest. When the physicians that I consulted were unable to help me to my satisfaction, a childhood friend recommended some mind-set development audios – previews to an upcoming programme that I eventually joined. For the first time in my life someone explained life in a way that I could verify and that inspired me. Even as I filled in an application for the programme, I already felt an impulse to train as a coach and, after 3 months of coaching, I developed the confidence to turn my back on almost 20 years of work experience and begin a career as a coach. As my unrest melted away, so did my ailments and I discovered a natural gift for helping people attain the highest potential.

I realised that I want to use this talent to contribute towards improving the quality of political leadership. I decided to begin that journey by, myself, standing for political office since I wanted to have a direct experience of some of the challenges of this type of leadership. I was inspired, during that process, to begin writing a book that I hope will contribute to the change that we all yearn for and I now look back on my life with appreciation for every little situation that led me to this moment. I feel blessed to be among a community of people who anticipate and work for a world where everyone has the chance to find their own unique brand of happiness.